How to earn money from WhatsApp | WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

How to earn money from WhatsApp | WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Nowadays Whatsapp is the most popular apps used by people which is the simplest way to chat, sending video, audio, file, text link. mobile phone to another mobile phone.

you know the fact how much the people use this app rapidly. so why don’t you target those people who use WhatsApp? so do you want to know How to earn money from WhatsApp? so let’s get into it,

first of all, i would like to say that whatsapp is not going to give you money or take money from you but you can earn money to use WhatsApp app. How is possible let’s know briefly?

How to earn money from WhatsApp?

How do we know what to do before we earn money from WhatsApp, then we can see what the ways can be to earn money from WhatsApp.

The process of earn money from WhatsApp

you must know that to use WhatsApp app with the phone number. just think yourself that if you have lots of people WhatsApp number then you can send them your list of products, services, classes and so on . then as per their requirement, they might respond your message. and you can earn or income money from them.

How to earn money from WhatsApp | WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

What to do to earn money from WhatsApp?

  1. you should have a smart mobile phone.
  2. you must have the internet connection.
  3. A collection of the huge mobile number of people.

If you do not have a Whatsapp number, you can still access Facebook. To get the Whatsapp number If you search the group on your Facebook account, then search the group and post it as you give them which kind of service. In this way, you can accumulate the number of people who are interested in this.

Then whatever you collected WhatsApp number u can use Broadcast Message to send those people whatever you want to. But you can send 256 broadcast message, it means you have a huge chance to reach people to convince them to use your services.

what are the ways to earn money from WhatsApp 

We should know if we have a huge phone number but still, you are unknown the way of earn money from WhatsApp.the following term helps to earn money. Let’s get to know

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. online teaching
  3. Link Shortening
  4. Sell your own product
  5. PPD networks
  6. Own promotion


Affiliate Marketing has made you as a product seller, In this marketing, you should sell your product after sell you can get the commision for the product. so we make an affiliate link for that which a user can click to go through that link.


You can create your affiliate account by signup this website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.. then you can get affiliate link from this site and you send that link to people through WhatsApp. if one of them people buy any product from this link then you can get your commision.

online teaching – If you have any talent to give coaching classes in this method you can send your advertisement to the number of people and earn money by use of WhatsApp.

Link Shortening is the way to shorten the link and send to the user to take the advantage.

Sell your own product – If you have a product that is available to you, then you can send your product to the number of people. It’s quite simple to ask the people for your product and drop your mobile no. if anyone wanted to buy.

PPD Link means Pay per download. if anyone wants to download the file you can charge them to give them this ppd link

Own Promotion- If you have any business, any website has a promotion you can do with WhatsApp. In that case, you can get benefits from own promotion.

so this the method how you earn money from WhatsApp.


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