Life Is Action, Not Contemplation

Life Is Action, Not Contemplation

The world is a vast field of action. Men come into this world. they grow up. They have many duties t perform. They perform their duties and retire from this world. There are different fields of activities  All men are not suited to do the same work. They do their work according to their tastes and abilities. There have been great generals, great scientists, great poets, great philosophers, great artists, great men of letters, great engineers, great statesmen, great businessmen, etc. each has made a mark in his particular field of work. Common people also work in different spheres according to their choice and abilities.

Struggle to achieve success — Life in this world is not a bed of roses. we must work. we have to struggle hard to achieve success in life. There is keen competition. we shall lag behind if we are not up and doing. we can’t obtain the desired result unless we are very earnest. successful men in the past didn’t attain success easily. They had to face many obstacles. They had to overcome those obstacles to attain success. They were men of action.

Men of contemplation — There are some people who can think but can’t act. such people can’t attain success. They are fond of thinking about a matter, but they can’t translate their thoughts into action. They propose to do this or that, but their contemplative mood stands in their way to success. At the time of work they fail. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is an example of this. He thinks too much and fails when the time comes for action.

Men Must Work — If we have to live in society, we can’t sit idle and contemplate. No man in society should live without work. Every one must act according to his ability. There can’t be any progress on a country or in the world if quite a number of men remain inactive. We should know that life is real, life is earnest. Mere contemplation without work is of no avail. Great thinkers, of course, have to contemplate, but they contemplate to do the work successfully.

There are great saints who live far away from society. They contemplate about soul and God to attain salvation. This is Meditation. It is said that their meditation is for the good of mankind. But common people bear no comparison with them. They must work. They have no right to give themselves up to idle contemplation only.

Conclusion — Great men of action had done a lot of work even within the short span of their life. They worked for the good of mankind. They thought that work is worship. They attained salvation through work. We should follow their ideal and shape our life accordingly.

Life Is Action, Not Contemplation

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