Perseverance | steadfastness | a key of Motivation

Perseverance | steadfastness | a key of Motivation

What is it? – We begin a work. It is not always easy to finish it. We may fail once or twice or even many times before we can finish it. Still, we go with the work. After repeated failures, we finish it. This habit is going on with some work until it is finished is called perseverance.

Benefit—Perseverance is a great virtue. It is the greatest secret of success. No great work can be done without it. A poor man can rise to power and fame by dint of perseverance. The habit of perseverance develops our character. It teaches us to face boldly poverty and difficulties, and thus it strengthens our willpower.

Men of Perseverance – Great men of genius of all ages and of all countries were preserving. There was nothing uncommon in them. They might have failed once or twice or even thrice. But they never lost heart. They tried again and again. They didn’t stop until the work was done.

Men wanting in perseverance – Men fail because they aren’t persevering. They can’t wait patiently. They can’t stick to one thing for a long time. The distinction between men of genius and ordinary men lies here. Such men have no strong will. They work half-heartedly. They can’t rise to fame.

Examples – The name of King Robert Bruce of Scotland is known to many. He fought against the English for the freedom of is country. He won success at his seventh attempt. We all know the name of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. We know how he rose to eminence from a humble position. It was all due to his perseverance.

A modern example of a man of perseverance is that of Mr. Darius Patil, a Parsee gentleman from India. He is at present a multimillionaire industrialist. But when he went to Britain in 1960 he had 5 pounds in his pocket. He was robbed even of that. He is now 47 years old. He is chairman and chief executive of international consolidated holdings. He has got London’s highest honor. “The freedom of the city” for exemplary financial and personal conduct.

Perseverance | steadfastness | a key of Motivation
Perseverance | steadfastness | a key of Motivation:

Perseverance | steadfastness | a key of Motivation Though penniless during his early days in England he didn’t lose heart but worked hard with a firm determination to attain success. He used to serve in a hotel during the daytime. After the day’s work, he attended a night school and then he worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant. Now his assets are estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars. His life is a bright example of perseverance is at the root of their success. Perseverance is at the root of their success. Perseverance is at the root of all discoveries and inventions made in this world.

Conclusion—Our life is not a bed of roses. It is full of difficulties. We must overcome them. We shall then win our goal of life. As perseverance is the key to success, we must acquire this habit early in life.

Perseverance is a key of Motivation

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