Self-Help anxiety | psychology | strength & abilities

Self-Help anxiety | psychology | strength & abilities

What is it? – Self-Help anxiety | psychology | strength & abilities what is that. Let’s get to know so Some people do their own work themselves. They don’t require the help of others. They don’t depend upon others. This habit of doing work without the help of others is called Self-help.

What is the Benefit of it? – Self-help is the best help. It is a great virtue. It leads one to succeed in life. God helps those who help themselves. It is the will of God that man shouldn’t be dependent on others. He must do his work himself. Self-help instills self-respect in a man.

Self-Help anxiety | psychology | strength & abilities
Self-Help anxiety | psychology | strength & abilities:

He feels his inner power. He feels that he is not inferior to anybody. He feels proud that he doesn’t depend upon others. He doesn’t low down to anybody. He feels that he will rise to fame and honor. He relies upon his own strength & abilities. Such a man has a strong will-force. Nothing seems to him to be difficult. Such a man honest and hard-working. Success is his prize. He can face the world boldly because he doesn’t want the help of others. He is blessed, he is happy.

Effect of the want of self-help – Some men can do no work without the help of others. They are weak-minded. They have no strength of mind. They feel something lacking in them. Such men can never do any great work. They can’t earn their own bread even. They are idle & inactive. Their lives are miserable.

When to acquire it – We must acquire this habit of self-help early in life. Some students don’t work hard. They try to depend upon others. They suffer in the long run. It is, therefore, the duty of all to start being self-reliant even when they are young.

Example – All great men of the past had been self-reliant. Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar is a brilliant example of self-help. All of us know how he depended upon his own self. He struggled alone in spite of poverty. He did everything himself when he was a student. He cooked his own food. The spirit of self-help made him so great. We should follow his example if we want to be a great man.

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