When a sage gave one rupee to King then what happened?

When a sage gave one rupee to King then what happened?

A sage was traveling through a city. On the way, he got a rupee. the sage was a person full of resentment and satisfaction, but he did not take a rupee so he thought of giving this rupee to a poor person even after looking for many days, he could not find any poor person.

One day he wakes up in the morning for his daily activities, what did he see, a king is going with the army in front of his ashram for attacking another state with his army. When the sage came out on the outside, the king ordered his army to stop and came to the sage to bless himself and said, “I am going to win another state so that my state can expand.” So give me your blessing of winning.


On this, the sage thought long enough and after thinking he put a rupee in the palm of the king. Seeing this, the King got shocked and angry, but he did not understand the purpose behind this for a long time. When the king asked the sage about the reason, the sage responded with an intriguing reply to Raja that many days ago on the way of traveling I got one rupee coming from the ashram, as per my nature i wanted to give this one rupee to a poor person so after long period, I can’t find a poor person then when saw you i was thinking myself no one be poor person like you. today In this state, in spite of a lot of money you are going to get another state. That’s one of the reasons that I gave you this one rupee.

The king realized his mistake and he also abandoned the idea of war.

So Every person has the ability to joy everything but think once if that joy really necessary for you.


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