When the Senses go on strike! | Boycott | effect of strike

When the Senses go on strike! | Boycott | effect of the strike

When the Senses go on strike! what is the meaning of that? Let’s get to know one all the senses of the body of a man came together for a meeting. There was a Big quarrel about which part of the body is the most valuable. The eye said, “It is me who sees the food first. So I am the most important.” The nose said, “O foolish eye! Don’t you realize that it’s me who smells the food even before you see it?”

The teeth said, “What is the use of you people seeing and smelling. Without me doing the job of crushing, no food can go to the stomach.” But the tongue said, “You may crush the food, but if the taste is bad, I will reject what is passed by you.So I am the most important.” The hands said, “It seems all of you people have forgotten me. Am Not the one who picks up the food and puts it in the mouth?” The leg spoke lastly, “I carry the whole trunk of the body from place to place where food is kept. Without me all of you are useless.”

The arguments went on for a long time. In the end, they all arrived at a consensus: “All
of us are important. But there is one useless person who does not do any work; but we are all
working so hard to please him – the stomach! Come let us all go on strike. Why should we please this person by feeding him when he is just in one place sitting and enjoying?”

The stomach did not say anything. When they all went on strike and did not supply food to the
stomach, gradually the legs became weak; they started trembling. The hand lost all its power and
potency to do any work. The eyes were reeling. They all came together for a meeting and decided,
“If we don’t serve the stomach, then we only suffer. It is better that we serve him and become
nourished ourselves.” When all the parts of the body co-operated in supplying food to the
stomach, then the whole body became nourished.

In the above Panchatantra story, the stomach is compared to God; all the different senses
are compared to the living entities, which are parts and parcels of God. Constitutionally
we are servants of God and serving Him with our heart and soul alone can bring us peace
and happiness.

When the senses go on strike

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